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Chuck Surface: The Way of the Heart

You have been Graced into the Secret Way,
The Way of the Heart.

However diamond-like
However impactful on the Experience of Being,
Will never again satisfy you.

The bee has done its job,
And the pollen of knowledge
Has been transmuted by Mystical Alchemy
Into Anandam.

Now… the bee dies,
Understanding and knowledge,
Turn from soft parchment to dust,
And you Live wide-eyed, in Awe and Wonder,
And as
The Great Mystery.

You drink from Living Waters now,
Flowing from the Wellspring of the Heart.
All is changed.
All is changed.
Oh mind, oh mind,
I leave you here.

Only words Wet,
Will find resonance,
In one already drenched.

The Emanation of Love,
Will only touch your Heart,
If you are already pregnant with Longing.

How will you know?
The baby will kick.

You are now… Alone,
And never again Alone.
While you may Long to find
Fellow Idiots, thus Imbued,
Finding none,
You remain Full and Complete.

Now Your Heart
Will look Lovingly for itself
In all that is seen, smelled, tasted, heard, touched,
All that is thought of,
And all who are met.

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